Are you an innovator? Amazon Exclusives May be Your Best Sales Channel

amazon logo public domainCan you imagine a retail outlet that sells pink girls Mary Jane flats, paddleboats and two-port USB external battery chargers?, can and they’re calling it Amazon Exclusives.

Let’s be honest: Amazon has recently had more misses than hits in its own product development, so why not let others develop new products and be the exclusive online seller for these hot new consumer items?

That’s what’s happening on Amazon Exclusives. The potential for a big up-side is there for all the innovators as well; they get immediate exposure on what is probably the world’s most valued shopping portal. Under their agreement with Amazon, they can sell their gear in their own physical store, branded site and on the Amazon Exclusive shop – no other online outlets or sellers are allowed.

If Amazon can establish this corner of its mammoth website as the go-to place for the best new gadgets, fashions and other consumer items, it can evolve into a major player. Already there are products featured on ABC’s “Shark Tank.” It should also prove to be a great tool for successful Kickstarter projects to continue building their buzz and begin pushing bucks to the bottom line.

The Prime reason

The online retail behemoth and the small startups also share the benefits of Amazon Prime. There is probably no more appealing fulfillment option for a small business than to be able to offer the incredible shipping option that’s built into Amazon Prime membership.

When small business owners want to go it alone, they must either create their own order-taking and shipping operation or sign up with a fulfillment company. Both of these would make it financially difficult to offer free two-day shipping. If they’re included in Amazon Exclusives they can put a line on their website that says, “Order through Amazon and Prime members get Free Second-Day Delivery!”

Of course, it adds another dimension to the appeal of Amazon Prime. Now Prime members have easy access to tomorrow’s hottest consumer wares with free shipping and reliable fulfillment.

Are you a good fit?

Even if you haven’t gone the “Shark Tank” or Kickstarter route, your product might be a good fit for Amazon Exclusives. They are looking for innovative items, and maintaining a high standard will be necessary if they want to establish the cachet necessary to pull in the traffic required to make this project commercially viable.

Currently only a handful of startups have their products available but Amazon is actively seeking others to go through the application process. If you’ve recently developed a product that would fit the Amazon Exclusives model or have one on the drawing board, consider this sales channel as you compare your marketing options.

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