Are you ready for a quiz on social media quizzes?

I bet you’ve taken more quizzes on Facebook than you did throughout your four years of high school.

Am I wrong?

To be honest, I always suspect they have just made up those claims that “97 percent can’t answer (fill in the blank),” but in any case, these quick quizzes often pull us in.

There are free – and paid – tools for creating you own quizzes that you can embed in your Facebook page and website. Posting a quiz on a regular basis isn’t a bad idea. Your audience will appreciate the different kind of “content,” and there’s a decent chance that your quiz will be shared and therefore bring new visitors to your social media account or website.

Various quiz styles

Most of the quiz-building apps require you to input the questions and answers yourself. There are a variety of quiz “styles” available among the providers, including lists, polls, trivia, swipers, personality-based, and more, including the currently popular “What kind of (fill-in-the-blank) are you?”

As a small business owner, you can create quizzes that not only engage clients and prospects, but also teach them about your product, service, or industry along the way. This can serve to build your authority among your target audience. Or, you can go in the completely opposite direction and make your quiz pure fun or funny.

Hint: If you want an easy “hook” for a funny quiz, base it on the incredible exploits of Chuck Norris!

Top quiz apps

Some currently popular quiz-building apps are:

  • Quizworks. Free to $99 per month.
  • Quizmaker. $15 to $99 per month. (Free trial period.)
  • Free Online Surveys. Free to $20 per month.
  • Qzzr. Free to $300 per year. Also, higher priced enterprise plans.
  • Playbuzz. Free entry level, but also has an advertising program.
  • OneClick Quiz Maker. SurveyAnyPlace has a free quiz maker that does all the work for you. You enter a person or organization and it looks up info on the web to create the questions.

Due to human nature, I believe quizzes will continue to be popular on the Internet. We love to be included in the top 3 percent of all people when it comes to identifying movie characters or having command of any other area of knowledge. We also want to know what Jane Austen character we would be or what color best represents our personality.

With those facts clearly established, be sure to include quizzes, polls, and surveys in your content and social media marketing programs.