Check out Bing’s video series and ad budget friendly conversions

If you could lower you online ad cost per conversion by more than 60 percent, would you do it?

I’ve long heard that advertising on Bing has some advantages over Google’s AdWords program, so the other day, when I received some information from Bing, I decided to look at the platform more closely.

The first thing I want to point out to you is Bing’s excellent five-part video introduction to advertising on its platform. These are short videos – about three to five minutes each – that take you from the absolute basics of getting a campaign up and running to optimizing your campaign. Spending 20 to 30 minutes with them to make sure you catch all the details would be time very well invested.

Bing will also connect you to an advisor to help you set up and create a custom strategy for your business. Wow. a real person!

I suggest you take advantage of all of these resources. You can set your ad budget as low as you want to make it a very cost effective way to get a taste of search engine marketing (SEM) can do for you.

And, as I said above, when there’s the possibility of saving 60 percent on conversions, it should make you even more primed to check out Bing. By the way, I didn’t pull that number out of thin air; it’s from a study Owen Gill summarized for Search Engine Watch. Gill is a digital marketing executive at Hallam Internet in England.

However, noting that Bing doesn’t get as much traffic as Google, the number of conversions over a given period of time will be fewer, so in the long run you may want to advertise on both platforms. The good news is that the information you pick up going through the Bing instructional videos will apply to virtually any online advertising environment.