Don’t Give Away Your Power. Stay Focused on Your Success.

imagesMany years ago, a newspaper reporter asked me, “Susan, are there people who would like to see you fail?”

“Absolutely.  And I’m glad there are,” I replied.  Surprised by my answer the reporter asked me to explain what I meant.  The explanation is simple.

The more successful you become in your life and in your business, the more there will be people who want you to fail.  People who lack the ambition and drive to work hard to achieve their own success would rather throw daggers at you in order to make themselves feel better.  While their actions may be hurtful, they are only harmful if you give them credibility.

When people attack you, they are hoping for a reaction from you.   So if you react, they win and you’ve given away your power.  But if you ignore their comments you’ve taken away their power and you’ve protected yourself.

Your parents may have told you, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”  The only time words hurt you are when you give them permission to detract you from focusing on your success.  Never give anyone the power to ruin your day or to cause you to second guess your greatness.

When your detractors try to slow you down on your road to success, simply turn down the volume.  It’s nothing more than background noise.

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