How to Harness the Power of Real-Time Financial Advice

The CloudWe recently discussed points to consider when selecting a person to do the taxes for a small business. I pointed out that it’s critical to find someone who is in business all year long, rather than someone who concentrates on working mostly during the tax season.

I was trying to stress how important it is to be able to get current financial information all through the year. This applies to all financial advice, not just small business taxes, and the more “current” the better.

As we all know today, nothing is more current than “real time” and this is one of the strengths of cloud computing. Cloud computing makes it possible for a small business team to share critical real-time information about business trends and positions.

Upping the value of accountants

Many of you know that I do a lot with Sage and for the reasons I’ve just outlined, I was really excited when they announced Sage View last month. To put it in one sentence, Sage View allows accountants to work with and advise their clients informed by real-time financial information.

Anyone who is accustomed to sitting down with their accountant and going over “quarterly reports” will recognize at once how powerful this cloud-based service can be. All it takes for an accountant to get going is a subscription and an Internet connection. The interface is all done through a browser, so accountants don’t need to download any software.

See opportunity knocking

In today’s rapidly moving business environment, there’s nothing more valuable than timely insights and advice. This is exactly what Sage View is designed to provide. Accountants can take their relationships with their clients to a much deeper level and get a much better understanding of what their clients are doing. They can recognize opportunities and alert their clients immediately.

Further, because it is cloud and browser based, accountants aren’t chained to the desk in their offices any longer. They can provide timely advice from anywhere and at anytime. It connects to data in Sage One and Intuit QuickBooks. It allows for a variety of customized screens for reports and following key performance indicators.

If you’re an accountant looking to offer a level of service that beats your competition, you need to investigate Sage One. And if you’re a small business owner looking for actionable financial and management advice that’s head and shoulders above the rest, encourage your accountant to check it out.

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Image: The Cloud Illustration, © 2013 Perspecsys Photos, used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.