Shurg Off The Winter Blues: Refresh and Re-energize Your Small Business

It’s been a long, difficult winter for many small businesses. Crazy weather patterns combined with a challenging economy makes the joy of spring a welcomed sight. As the world bursts into bright, blooming colors, creating a sense of renewal spring is here, lifting our spirits and giving us a sense of excitement.

Spring is also a good time to refresh and re-energize your business.

Start by taking a good look at your physical surroundings. When was the last time you spruced up your office area? A new coat of paint and a few pieces of artwork or plants can make your old work area look new and exciting. Personally, I like to rearrange my office furniture. It makes me feel as though I have an entirely new perspective.

Lighting is important too. Harshly or dimly lit work spaces often cause headaches and eye strain. Adjust the lighting to your comfort level. For example, two of my co-workers purchased touchier lights for their offices. The indirect lighting makes their work area warm and comforting. Scented candles are good too and certain fragrances help reduce stress.

Sprucing up also means cleaning up so don’t forget to get rid of the clutter. Throw away those stacks of unread magazines and newspapers. Organize your books and files. And don’t forget to get out the dusting rags and anti-bacterial wipes. According to University of Arizona researchers – there’s more bacteria on your desk than on the average toilet seat.


Now that you have a clean, refreshed office, use the same energy to refresh your business outlook. Shrug off your pessimism and throw a new coat of cautious optimism on your business plan. Be creative about designing new ways of attracting additional revenue to your business. Are there new products or services you can offer? How about reinventing your current business offerings?

One of the leaders in brand marketing is Procter & Gamble. If you’ve ever bought a box of laundry detergent, you know the phrase “new and improved.” Successful brands continually look for ways to enhance their existing products. Because you’re not a Procter & Gamble with a large research and development staff, that doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to offer “new and improved” products and services to your customers too.

So spruce up your office to pick up your spirits and productivity. Refresh and reinvent your business strategies. And top it all off with a fresh coat of cautious optimism because spring has sprung.