Social Jukebox review: Don’t just schedule, automate evergreen posts

Twitter seemed like it was on its way to soon becoming the next Yahoo! It looked it might end up as a social media “also ran.”

But recent positive and surprising financial results and acquisition interest from Mark Cuban have changed the atmosphere, so it’s time to review your commitment to your presence on Twitter and see if you might be able squeeze some more utility from it.

I want to take a couple minutes to share with you my Social Jukebox review. And, while Social Jukebox started out as a Twitter tool (originally it was Tweet Jukebox) it has greatly evolved since the early days and now integrates with Facebook and LinkedIn as well. However, because we typically post more often to Twitter, posting there is still one of its biggest selling points.

Social Jukebox allows you to repost to these social media accounts on a scheduled basis. It’s great for evergreen posts or posts that you want to be sure to present to your audience at different times on different days.

There are several free, built-in jukeboxes you can use and I’ll pick one of these as an example. If you want to send out notable quotes for #MondayMotivation, you can grab a Jukebox that will perform this function for you every Monday. Then you don’t have to waste time over the weekend finding quotes and setting them up to go out at different times using Tweet Deck, Hootsuite, Buffer, or whatever.

Another good feature is that you can set up a jukebox to function over a date range. If you had a contest going, for example, that had an end date, you could schedule your posts to stop on the right day. You can also control how many days the jukebox must give before repeating a post. Let me also note that jukeboxes seem to randomly publish posts – they don’t start at number one, go to the end and then start over at number one again.

Social jukebox will also send out automated thank-you messages to your top interactors and has a nice “targeted posts” feature. These targeted posts are sent out on a specific date or frequency. If you need to note an important day each year, for example, you could use a targeted post.

If you want to get a feel for what you can do, Social jukebox offers a limited free account that allows you to use two jukeboxes, 300 stored posts, five targeted posts, one social media account, and 50 branded thank-you tweets. Paid accounts run from about $200 a year to $1,000 a year. Monthly pricing is a bit higher.

Take advantage of the free plan, see what you think, and if you have some strong feelings or observations, post your own Social Jukebox review in the comments and share your thoughts.