This Week in Small Business: 41 Lifecycle emails and a desert island list…for starters

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It’s like everyone had busy schedules this week so they couldn’t write paragraphs; they went for lists and single sentences instead. You’ll want to print out some of these and tape them to your refrigerator.

Marketing and sales

The 41 lifecycle emails listed in this post will keep you busy and ringing up sales for a long time.

Pressed for time? These 15 one-sentence chunks of online marketing advice that you can use today were written with you in mind.

Everyone knows they have to do social media marketing, but many are making a variety of small mistakes that are sinking their efforts. See if you’re guilty of these errors.

Small business retailers: If you want 2016 to be even better than 2015, take these four tips to heart.

Purposeful content marketing beats the shotgun approach everyday. These five tips will help.

Leadership, management and productivity

Hollie Hoadley of CSConsulting shares her “desert island list” of five small business tools…given your desert island has an Internet connection.

Do you know the location of the nearest Small Business Development Center? This article by Ty Kiisel will make you want to seek it out and head over there.

If you have a unique value proposition, your small business can command premium prices. Get the full picture in this article on Steve Chou’s “My Wife Quit Her Job” blog.

Entrepreneurship, startups and innovation

Bizfi came out with an API that lets partner companies offer direct lending solutions to their small business customers.

Politics, government and the economy

We’ve been watching the stock market go up and down like a fourth grader’s yo-yo. But do all these Wall Street fluctuations make an impact on Main Street?