This week in small business: Bootstraps, Buffet, blockchain, and more

Grab your bootstraps, stay calm like Warren Buffet, and squeeze the most out of your tiny marketing budget! Those are some of the topics and advice you’ll glean from this week’s collection of curated small business content.

Leadership, management, and productivity

Looking for a loan? PayPal might be a source to consider. Gerri Detweiler outlines the company’s move in small business financing.

It’s not just his mad investing skills that have made Warren Buffet a billionaire, says Bryan Falchuk, it’s because he stays calm.

You don’t want to come across as a desperate networker at industry events! Ivan Misner describes the four signs of a desperate networker that you need to avoid.

Tame your inbox with the three email hacks Courtney Connley gives us in this article.

I love the title of Luke Hamann’s Inside Small Business piece: How to lose customers and inconvenience people.

Marketing and sales

Meghan Zuvelek is writing for real estate professionals, but almost anyone will benefit from the tricks and tactics she discusses here: Who’s Dominating the Online Space in Your Market? Here’s How to Find Out.

Gabrielle Pickard-Whitehead covers a lot of territory in her article A Big Guide to Sales and Your Small Business.

Blockchain – the technology behind Bitcoin – has received a lot of attention lately. Steven Olenski thinks it might reinvent social media.

Usually we love the “classics,” but in his Entrepreneur article, Brian Sutter gives us 10 classic small business social media mistakes that you must avoid!

We always need to keep the fundamentals in mind and Wells Yu’s article on why SEO is valuable fills that bill. And, while we’re on the subject of SEO, Dan Blacharski says that it’s more than a numbers game – it’s about engagement.

Neil Patel offers a load of practical advice in his list of 27 online marketing tactics for small businesses with similarly small budgets.

Entrepreneurship, startups, and innovation

A key to success when you’re bootstrapping you company is to start lean, according to John Doherty, and he’s done it.

Think the challenges are over when you get into the black? Not so. Check out Josh Goldman’s article, Congratulations, Your Startup Is Profitable! Now What?

If you have time for a 16-minute video, check out Bryan Elliot’s interview with Fox Sports commentator Jay Glazer on how to be an “unbreakable entrepreneur.”