This week in Small Business: Don’t worry, Do Relax and Don’t Miss Any of these Marketing Tips

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What we can learn from the marketing of genetically modified dinosaurs is among the hot tips we found on the web over the last week. And since running a small business can be as stressful as running from Velociraptors, we also dug up some great advice on taking care of ourselves and learning to worry less.

Leadership, management and productivity

Many of us are dogged by worry and it impedes our ability to success. Bob Burg takes a look at “Worry No More!” by Bruce Van Horn and offers some sound advice.

Sooner or later, retirement is a nut we all have to crack. These six strategies to extend our savings without working longer should prove helpful.

Dear Small Business Owner: Take care of yourself first, or the rest of it just won’t matter. Need help doing that? This guide will come in handy.

If you get your company culture right, most other things will just fall into place. Here’s a quick primer.

A B C – It’s easy as, 1 2 3 – As simple as, do re mi…and now the 800-pound gorilla formerly known as Google is Alphabet. (Hey two pop music icons referenced in one item!)

Marketing and sales

Small business owners can’t afford to leave any marketing stone unturned that’s why this article on four ways to integrate direct mail into digital marketing is useful.

“Jurassic World” grossed $500 million worldwide in one weekend. Hmmm. Maybe we can learn something from the guys who market blockbusters.

Shhh! Don’t let your competition know that public relations is the secret weapon of content marketing.

With social media marketing, practical experience always trumps book knowledge. Here’s why.

Reclaim your time: Six ways to be more efficient on social media!

What to do if you suck at cold calling. Paul Chastain implores you to at least do tip number one!

Entrepreneurship, startups and innovation

Farming may not be seen as fertile ground (sorry) for a cutting edge tech startup. Farmbox Direct CEO Ashley Tyrner might disagree. Check out this video.

Politics, government and the economy

Writing for Fast Company, Brendon Schrader outlines why the freelance economy is growing so quickly.

If you need additional reasons to be angry at Congress, you might want to join the chorus that’s complaining about how they registered themselves as a “small business.”