This week in small business: Easy, simple, and smart advice for success

Some wise folks were busy posting useful advice over the last week or so. I think you and your business plans will benefit from the easy, simple, and wise guidance in this collection of curated content.

Leadership, management, and productivity

I prefer easy over difficult, so I appreciated Gabriel Nathan’s article, The Easiest Ways To Enhance Productivity And Efficiency At Work.

I also prefer simple over complicated, so I also appreciated Mike Michalowicz’ article, Simple Strategies for Accomplishing More in Less Time.

Shhhh! Kevin Kruse suggests that the secret to your success might be quiet time in this interview with Justin Talbot-Zorn and Leigh Marz!

Some say that nostalgia ain’t what it used to be. I disagree and point to this stylistic stroll down web design memory lane by Sean Hervo.

Of all the investments you make over the course of your life, investing in yourself should be #1. Nicholas Cole offers good advice on how to spend your free time.

Writing for the Marketing Insider Group, Jacob Warick gives us five ways that companies are screwing up their e-commerce growth.

Judi Wineland and her two daughters share nine business lessons “from the wild” that they have learned in their far-flung travels in this Forbes article by Laura Begley Bloom.

With 30 years of entrepreneurship under his belt, Mike Kappel describes what kind of small business employees you need to grow your company.

Marketing and sales

Writer’s block and content marketer’s block are closely related. If you ever suffer a “block,” you’ll find help in Bryan Blackburn’s 6 Brainstorm Resources for Content Marketers.

When you use visuals to tell stories, you have a better chance at web success. Check out the 10 best tools for visual storytelling outlined in this piece by Kylie Ora Lobell.

Don’t miss this introduction to ranking your local business on Google by David Mihm on the Yoast blog.

Dave Mendoca shares podcasting success tips from three top women entrepreneur hosts.

Entrepreneurship, startups, and innovation

Need a good ecommerce idea? Check out this list of trending business ideas at Shopify.

Successful craft brewer Sam Calagione scaled back his hit beer! Cheers?! Get the backstory in this article by Jason Feifer.

Are you strong enough to swim against the current? If so, check out what Ross Tsakas has to say about how entrepreneurs can successfully challenge convention.

Politics, government, and the economy

Scott Lanman does a great job boiling down what the four-month high in consumer confidence means to the economy.

Think about it: Are sales tax holidays really a good thing? Kelly Phillips Erb has the guts to honestly address that question.