This week in small business: It’s like an MBA in a box!

This week’s collection of curated content from around the web touches on virtually every aspect of starting and leading a successful business. It’s like have an MBA program at your fingertips!

Leadership, management, and productivity

Dave Lavinsky says that although writing a business plan isn’t fun, it makes you build four important habits.

I suspect many of us can use this advice from Ben Angel: 2 Awesome Ways to Motivate Yourself When You Feel Like Quitting.

Tired of trying to think “outside of the box”? If so, take Glenn Llopis’ advice and think more strategically “in the box.”

Newcomers – like Millennials and Gen Zers – often see opportunities veterans miss, says Tim Elmore, so not having industry experience could be your biggest advantage.

Not only is it about the bottom line, it’s about a lot of the lines in between the bottom and top lines. Discover the important financial ratios in this sponsored post on the MasterCard Biz website. And if you aren’t using a small biz credit card, you should consider the advantage I outline in this MasterCard post.

Marketing and sales

What?! Smart companies aren’t marketing, says Steve Lucas. Check out what they feel is important.

Discover how Zola grew its bottom line by giving away free products in this article by Kate Rockwood.

In this Search Engine Land article, Chris Liversidge shares highlights and insights from two industry events where integrated search marketing was a hot topic this year.

Can a company get over $700,000 in new leads in 25 days via cold emails? Jose Escobedo describes how one Filipino company did it.

Marc Wayshak gives you 5 Simple Steps to The Best Sales Presentation of Your Life.

Entrepreneurship, startups, and innovation

Genevieve Fish shares the best advice from nine women founders on starting a company. Angela Schonberg relays the entrepreneurial tips from 10 women in business.

Need a business you can start for less than $10,000? It’s here for you in this slideshow by Aja McClanahan.

In this Forbes article, Ashley Harris outlines seven ways to balance entrepreneurship and motherhood.