This Week in Small Business: Nothing but practical advice you can start doing today!

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Meat and potatoes.

That’s how I’d sum up the advice experts served up this week to help small business owners improve their operations. Virtually all the strategies are practical and things you can start doing right now.

Dig in.

Leadership, management and productivity

Listen up, small business retailers: If you’re not delivering personalized digital customer experience, you’re going to lose customers, says Noreen Seebacher in this CMS WiRE speed read article.

Big business is losing its allure so small businesses may have an edge in hiring.

Greater cybersecurity and better accounting will be two important 2016 small business management trends.

Veteran small business writer Rhonda Abrams outlines 10 rules for success.

Are you using social media for customer service? Here are 12 reasons you need to go this route.

Marketing and sales

Jinger Jarrett says that some 2016 marketing trends offer simple growth strategies while you adopt new technologies in your small business.

Are you able to leverage sustained storytelling? That could be the key to agile marketing.

Do you count yourself among the 78 percent of successful marketers who say automation systems are most responsible for improving profits?

Not all links are created equally for the purposes of small business SEO. Avoid the bad ones.

Small business owners seem to have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. It will trend more toward love if you avoid these top five Facebook marketing mistakes.

Politics, government and the economy

The state of small business: U.S. small businesses entered 2016 with stronger sales growth, improved profitability and positive hiring trends, according to recent data.