This Week in Small Business: Should You Invest in More People, or More Technology?

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This week’s collection of top articles includes guidance to help you decide between spending on people vs technology, info to get you up-to-date on Obamacare, and tips to show you the best way to approach your local media for free publicity.

Leadership, management and productivity

It takes people and/or technology to grow your small business or get your startup to the next level. These five questions will help you guide your investment in growth between people and technology.

What kind of culture or style do you have in your small business? How would an Amazon-ish style work for you?

I think the Affordable Care Act has had the longest rollout of any legislation in modern history, so it’s been difficult to keep tabs on. Here are five things every small business owner needs to know about it.

While we’re on practical topics for small business management, be sure you aren’t suffering from these misconceptions about risk.

Marketing and sales

Marketing legend Seth Godin says businesses need editors not “brand managers.” That’s just one of his insights in this far ranging interview.

For B2B small businesses, LinkedIn may be the best place for social media marketing. Here are 13 ways to boost your LinkedIn presence.

Email marketing can generate good revenue for your small business, but you shouldn’t go it alone.

Free publicity via the media is great, but you need to understand how the media works before you go pitching your small business.

Writing for Search Engine Watch, Graham Charlton outlines eight ways small business content marketing and SEO can work together.

If marketing and sales departments want to get firing on all cylinders, they need to work together. Here are five ways they can work together for better content.

Entrepreneurship, startups and innovation

When it comes to commandments, 10 seems to be the right number. Rakia Reynolds gives us 10 commandments for every small-business entrepreneur.

The so-called “gig economy” goes hand-in-hand with small business and startups. Here’s sort of a Gig Economy State of the Union article.

Politics, government and the economy

The National Labor Relations Board has been busy upsetting a lot of small business apple carts lately. Its latest target is the employee-employer relationship between franchisees and the franchise corporations.

The SBA will make 40 awards in its State Trade and Export Promotion program to states and territories to support small business exporting. In all, small businesses should receive some $17 million through the program.

While the NLRB is dealing with employee-employer issues, the FTC is going after various multi-level marketing operations. It’s working hard to shut down Vemma. Could Herbalife be next?