This week in small business: Success. Is it all in your mind(set)?

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There’s lots of great information in this week’s curated content collection that will boost your professional and personal productivity, including tips to beat back burnout and get your mind set on success. Also, we have some social media slip-ups you must avoid and tips to land the small business loan you need to propel your 2017 growth.

Leadership, management, and productivity

Are you putting all of your retirement “eggs” in one basket? Kerry Hannon offers five retirement planning tips for small business owners.

The buzz is that loans are getting easier for small businesses. If you’ll be in the market for one, review “the Three C’s” that Brock Black says will help you qualify.

To make 2017 your most productive year ever, review these 12 powerful habits for growth mindset success from Ari Kopoulos.

Marketing and sales

Jennifer Lonoff Schiff points out nine social media faux pas many small business owners are guilty of in this article.

Did you do any livestreaming in 2016? Tarun Wadhwa and Sachin Maini say that last year marked the medium’s “coming of age.”

Entrepreneurship, startups, and innovation

If burnout is knocking (or pounding) at your door, check out the four ways KC Agu says entrepreneurs can get the rest they need and thrive.

It may run contrary to conventional wisdom, but eccentric entrepreneur Shaun Neff says inexperience helped him succeed.

Kayla Jacobs profiles Jana Blankenship in this article titled, “Meet The Mogul Mom Who Makes Being A Green Beauty Entrepreneur Look Easy.”