Want to Increase Your Small Business Sales? Hit the Road.

footer-wholesaleIf you are looking for ways to expand your business, consider adding a mobile component. Obviously it has to fit with your business model, but here are three ideas to think about: pick up, delivery and on-location sales.

*  Pick-Up: If you provide a service at your business, such as hair styling or pet grooming, offer a client pick-up service. This would be especially beneficial if you have elderly clients. Or say you do dry-cleaning or product repair, offer to pick-up those items to save your customers a trip.

*  Delivery: Same idea as pick-up for the types of businesses above, only the other way around. Delivery would also be a great way to expand your food business. Deliver your coffee service or bakery treats or lunch items. Don’t forget to leave a full menu when you deliver the goods.

*  On-Locations Sales: Take a sampling of your merchandise to local events like street fairs or farmer’s markets and set up a mini-retail outlet. Or if you run a service business like chiropractic or massage, offer mini adjustments or massages. Not only will this increase your sales, it will also provide great exposure for your business in your local community.

Small business owner Josh Allen of Companion Baking, aka, The Bread Guy, has expanded his business with multiple mobile strategies. Tag along with him for more great ideas you can use for your business!

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