Easy loyalty hacks to wow your customers

note landmark dates to wow your customers

Get on the mailing list at Just Bundt Cakes and they’ll send you a coupon for a free Bundtlet on your birthday.

(Don’t say I never did anything for you!)

But my point here isn’t to add calories to your diet. I want to point out some of the easiest and most productive hacks to build your relationship with your customers: Recognize customer landmark events and dates in your email marketing. Examples of these are:

  • Customer birthdays,
  • Referral acknowledgments,
  • Anniversaries of first purchase or email signup date recognition, and
  • Follow-ups on purchases.

You can probably think of more special days or events to add to the list. A friend of mine just received a one-year thank-you and follow-up email from Carvana. He patronized the virtual used car “lot” to buy a Chevy last year.

I think we’re hard-wired to appreciate these kinds of courtesies and they naturally build our relationships with the people who offer them. Think about yourself, your family, and your friends. I know some people, who, if you miss marking their birthday will be terribly hurt. In the same way, when you take the time to do something special on their birthdays, they really appreciate – and remember – it.

Customers won’t hate you if you don’t send a special little something on their birthdays, but they will take note of it if you do make the effort. Also, if it’s a customer you haven’t seen in a while, amp up the offering a bit; that will probably breathe new life into the relationship.

Let me reemphasize how easy and inexpensive it is to do these things. They are the quintessential “no brainer.” And finally, if you’re competing with another provider, extending courtesies like these will make your business stand out.

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