Fully automated small biz marketing now available for $99/month

How does a $99 per month marketing campaign that doesn’t require any more work from you sound?

If you reach prospects and customers through Twitter, an automated $99/month marketing program is now available to you. It’s called Twitter Promote Mode and here are some basic details:

  • It’s recommended (read: most effective) for Twitter accounts with up to 2,000 followers,
  • You can expect to reach as many as 30,000 additional people and add 30 followers each month,
  • Twitter Promote Mode Tweets carry the “sponsored” badge,
  • Twitter Promote Mode will boost up to 10 of your first Tweets each day, and
  • You can target up to five interest or metro locations – one or the other, they can’t be combined.

I think this program holds a lot of potential for small businesses. Targeting their community could serve a local business very well. And, even businesses that aren’t local, could work their way through various metro centers over time, gaining valuable brand exposure.

Below are the interest groups presented to me when I experimented with the signup process.


They are somewhat limited, or broad in their coverage. However, most small businesses will be able to find between one and five that serve them well.

Promote Mode is designed to be a “mobile first” service, meaning that your Promote Mode dashboard is built into the Twitter mobile app. You’ll be able to easily access your monthly stats from your mobile device.

Despite the fact that Twitter hasn’t achieved the kind of growth or profitability that investors are looking for, it remains one of the best vehicles for branding. Couple that with a $99 marketing budget and toss in automation, and Twitter Promote Mode should prove to be a winner for many small businesses.