Real-time Accounting Comes to Your Mobile Device

sage live

It wasn’t that long ago when managers waited with bated breath as their accountants or bookkeepers “closed out” a month or a quarter. That’s when the results came in and they could officially judge the company’s performance.

When you’re chasing profitability, operating within this system made you feel like you were in one of those dreams where no matter how hard you try, you’re always running in slow motion.

Technology has been changing this and a recent introduction by Sage – Sage Live – pulls performance figures into real time and also delivers them to you no matter where you are. And even beyond all the accounting information you need to make timely decisions, Sage Live integrates with the Salesforce1 cloud platform, so you’re able to bring together everything and everyone critical to driving the top line and see how the results filter down to the bottom line.

You load up Sage Live on your mobile devices so you can tap into your company’s performance 24-7. It even works on your Apple Watch, so you might find yourself checking the time someday and find that it’s “half past profitability.”

Accounting for a new era

For many industry sectors, I think we’re witnessing the slow death of the “home office” that was the base for the old-fashioned accounting practices I mentioned above. In fact, many successful companies today have no office at all; teams coordinate and work together in the virtual space.

I can easily see how Sage Live is going to empower these virtual teams and give them a huge advantage over their less nimble competitors. Armed with mobile devices loaded with Sage Live, management and sales reps have all the information they need to make the best strategic decisions at any moment in time.

Shrinking the globe

The beauty of the Internet is that it allows even small businesses to be present almost anywhere. Toss in some of the trade agreements that are about to hit, and that geographic area encompasses most of the globe.

Being able to communicate to employees and motivate them across all those miles and time zones is going to be one of the biggest challenges any business seriously pursuing excellence will face. A tool like Sage Live puts everyone on the same page, aiming at the same targets, and giving them the ability to communicate clearly about the current situation and how it impacts company goals.

And even if you’re a small shop, being able to grab your tablet or smart phone and check the status of your company while you’re on the train commuting to the office or waiting for your plane to start boarding will prove to be a huge productivity booster.

If you follow this space very much, you know that I’m a believer in the Sage products and that the Sage Summit is an event I look forward to each year. I encourage you to check out Sage Live and see if it’s not everything I think it is.