Small Businesses Honoring Our Fallen Veterans This Memorial Day

USS Navy Dad's shipIt’s Memorial Day and many small businesses around the country are honoring our fallen soldiers on this federal holiday.  For me, it’s a special day to honor my father who served in the Navy in World War II.  The ship in this blog post photo is the one he served on in the Philippines.

After his military service, my dad used a VA loan to go to mortuary school to become a licensed embalmer and funeral director.  Eventually, my mother and he launched their own funeral home in the small town I grew up in where they served the community until we sold the business in 1999.

My dad, like many veterans, was a hard-worker.  He was loved by so many and was always willing to help someone in need.  He epitomizes everything good about our country.

As we celebrate this holiday, think about ways in which your small business can honor our Veterans.  Consider participating in a local parade.  Highlight soldier’s stories on your website or in your company newsletter.  Donate product, services and/or time to local Veteran organizations.

Most importantly, when you’re hiring, please consider those who have served our country.

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend.

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