This week in small business: A short list of articles long on good tips and inspiration

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Our recommended reading list this week is a little light in its quantity of articles, but there are some gems here. If you need inspiration, skills, or marketing tips, we got ’em.

Leadership, management, and productivity

If you’re a visual learner and need convincing that small business is vulnerable to cyber attacks, you need to check out the infographics Dan Patterson posted on TechRepublic.

Marketing and sales

Don’t sell yourself short. That’s part of the message Vivian Nunez relays in this Women @Forbes article about creative Emma Ramos.

Admittedly not a lot of my readers run farms, but for those of you who do, this Sara Schafer article about how to cash in with a well-written commodity marketing plan could pay off handsomely in 2017.

You know how strongly I support online skills improvement, and the 37 free marketing and social classes listed here by Brian Peters is a good place to start.

Are you a technical person who feels somewhat challenged when it comes to marketing? Mateusz Warcholinski’s article on Brainhub is a good place to start getting yourself up to speed on the basics.

Don’t worry so much about your home page, but be certain to design killer landing pages. The top 10 tips in Andy Reese’s article will give you a good foundation.

R.L. Adams delivers eight crucial rules for dominating Google’s search results. However, keep in mind Adams’ caution that “it won’t happen overnight.” Jason Unger takes a slightly different path with his “3 Things Every Website Needs for a Better SEO Ranking.”

Entrepreneurship, startups, and innovation

How do entrepreneurs succeed? That’s how Stephanie Denning starts her review of Tracy Kidder’s “A Truck Full of Money,” which relates the story Kayak founder Paul English. Good inspiration here!