This Week in Small Business: Be heard on Capitol Hill, Market on a Shoestring and Improve your EQ

capitol hill 1Politics, government and the economy

Want to get a message straight to the lawmakers who have the greatest impact on US small business? Here’s the page on the House Small Business Committee website where you can tell your story and let them know what is causing you the greatest problems.

Leadership, management and productivity

Are you part of the sharing economy? If so, be sure you’re aren’t sharing too much with the IRS.

Sometimes it seems that it’s all about data and analytics today. Managers and small business owners need to understand analytics via the Google-plus dashboard.

You may be smarter than a fifth grader, but do you have more emotional intelligence than a high school cheerleader? Okay, unfair question. But EQ is crucial to your success as a leader.

Bob Burg believes that empathy is the key differentiator between successful and less successful people. His guest article on the Living in Courage website gives you his reasoning.

The future of work. Steven Melendez outlines how businesses are using surveys to help improve employee engagement.

Marketing and sales

Social media marketing is best when it’s personal and creating a powerful social media bio plays a major role in that. Here’s how to get your bio right.

And once your bio is in place, here are another three ways to turn your small business brand into a social media juggernaut.

Along with social media marketing, SEO is another low-to-no cost way to be seen and heard. If you need better local SEO, you’ll find a five-day game plan on this Convince and Convert blog.

We’ve talked about social media marketing and SEO, it’s time to work public relations into the marketing mix.

Operating on a shoestring? Boom Social founder Kim Garst gives you 20 inexpensive ways to market your small business.

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Entrepreneurship, startups and innovation

If you need a little startup, small business, or entrepreneurial inspiration, check out these small biz stories on the Constant Contact blog.

Or maybe you need a little pep talk to get your entrepreneurial juices flowing. If so, you’ll love these 21 inspiring quotes…and hey, they also make great content to share in your social media accounts!

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