This week in small business: Best and worst industries and a good reason to catch some more shut eye

This weeks’ collection of curated content includes a “fastest-growing” list along with a compilation of the 10 worst performing industry sectors. Use that info as best you can. And if you need an excuse to snag some more snooze time, we have that too.

Leadership, management, and productivity

Rose Leadem created an infographic that depicts unusual team-building methods of some famous bosses…they sound pretty fun to us.

Holly Grogan, chief people officer at Tribridge, is the subject of this edition of Laura Emily Dunn’s Women in Business Q&A.

This seems too good to be true (but I’m hoping it’s not!): Dawne Davis says we can boost our brain productivity by 13 percent with another 36 minutes of sleep. (Excuse me while I put this to the test …)

Always on the lookout for good online tools and resources, we appreciated this article by Karen Repoli.

Marketing and sales

Ouch! See how many of the 16 dumbest content market mistakes – as listed by David Spark – you’re guilty of.

It’s a topic that we keep coming around to: video marketing. In this piece, Nicki Howell calls it the savvy strategy for 2017.

Entrepreneurship, startups, and innovation

Thinking about pulling the plug on your startup? Maybe you should bring in a re-founder first, says George Deeb.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to focus on, especially for rookie entrepreneurs. Kc Agu suggests five metrics.

Want to kick the tires before you jump on the bandwagon? Check out Susan Adam’s collection of the fastest-growing women-owned businesses for 2017. And while we’re on the topic of women entrepreneurs, Nada Al Rifai profiles Dunia Othman on what it’s like working as a female entrepreneur in a male-dominated world, and operating in the Arab Middle East, Othman knows of what she speaks.

We’ve talked about the “fastest growing,” now how about the other side of the coin? For that info, check out Mary Ellen Blery’s article where shares Sagesworks’ stats on the 10 worst performing U.S. industries by sales.

Ali Ash looks at the art of disruption in both entrepreneurship and in life.

You’ll find lots of good observations on tech startups in Daniel Senyard’s “Fake it Til You (Have To) Make it: Get Your Hands Dirty Early on to Prove Product/Market Fit.”

Politics, government, and the economy

By all accounts, productivity growth has been less than stellar. Charles Hughes says that high-tech growth is the key to solving the productivity puzzle.