This week in small business: Bootstraps, myths, and zombies

If you need some inspiration and advice for your startup, you’ll find it in this week’s collection of curated content. And, all the great marketing tips won’t hurt either!

Entrepreneurship, startups, and innovation

How does a married couple with no e-commerce expertise get to 30K+ customers and $5M+ in annual revenue from their living room? Read Tom Popomaronis’ article to find out.

Jesse Tevelow and his cofounder struggled with their startup, then they made a pricing move that generated six figures in less than 30 days. Tevelow explains the price vs. growth paradox.

Kandia Johnson’s advice for entrepreneurs is simple, yet profound and to the point: Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Have the itch to be an author? Chris Myers gives us three things every entrepreneur needs to know before writing a book.

Jim Duffy’s article for The Guardian focuses on “Zombie startups” and why entrepreneurs are failing to grow their businesses.

Think globally, entrepreneur locally. That’s the bottom line when Chris Myers tell the story of Colorado-based entrepreneur Lani Dolifka.

Vinay Dora may have been inspired by Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman in his article Three startup myths busted.

Leadership, management, and productivity

Need money? Do a self-check against Jared Hecht’s seven reasons you won’t qualify for a loan.

I don’t know if I totally believe him, but Chris Jager says he has 11 ways to boost productivity without coffee.

See if Rafi Chowdhury’s article lives up to the promise of its title: Everything you should know about time management and productivity.

I hope you won’t need these: 5 SEO Best Practices for Crisis and Reputation Management, by Sophie Maerowitz.

Jason Wheeler talks to Lauren Leahy, the Chief Legal Officer for Pizza Hut, about women competing and cooperating with other women in a male-dominated profession.

Marketing and sales

Gen Zers may be the most social-media-savvy demographic on the planet, but Deep Patel nonetheless has four social media marketing tips they need to learn.

Don’t accidentally make the SEO errors Ron Dod outlines and hurt your e-commerce site.

Fail to plan, plan to fail. Deborah Anderson explains how to incorporate your startup social media marketing tasks into a day’s plan.

Zac Johnson offers five solid methods to drive social media traffic back to your site.

In his Entrepreneur article, R.L. Adams offers a curated list of his top 10 marketing conferences for entrepreneurs.

Ryan Klein gives three “pros” and three “cons” in his discussion of whether or not marketing conferences are worth it.

If you’re changing domains, plan for unexpected SEO costs, advises Jim Stewart.