This week in small business: Cybercrime threats, cybersecurity benefits

Writers look at cybersecurity from two distinctly different points of view this week and we’re also treated to some very savvy tips and perspectives on productivity and motivation. Grab the advice here and head into 2018 firing on all cylinders.

Leadership, management, and productivity

Cory Capoccia discusses how cybercrime is a bigger threat than physical threats in this Forbes article. However, when you take cybersecurity very seriously, it can enhance your brand, says Dan Kiely.

Writing for Harvard Business Review, Jane Edison Stevenson and Evelyn Orr talked to 57 women CEOs to find out what it takes for women to get to the top.

This sponsored post for MasterCard Biz, explains how the right digital payments systems can improve your customer experience.

Clinton Senkow details two critical habits of millionaires that, if adopted, will help propel your success.

Squeeze the most out of the hours you have with the 25 time-management tips Harvey Schachter gives us in this Globe and Mail article.

Laura Emily Dunn talks to Ellen Rubin, CEO and Co-Founder of ClearSky Data in this edition of her Women in Business Q&A series.

If you want practical advice, Barbara Weltman’s 10 Payroll Mistakes Your Small Business Must Avoid is a must-read.

Marketing and sales

Don’t take a scattershot approach to keywords. Use Sabri Suby’s bullseye marketing strategies to identify your best leads.

Can you spare $99 a month to market your small business? If so, check out Twitter’s Promote Mode as introduced by Wook Chung.

Adryenn Ashley gives us insider tips from 11 influencers who are nailing social media.

Up your game by listening in to some of the 25 marketing podcasts outlined in this post by Lilach Bullock.

Tape Sam Cocking’s infographic on creating an Instagram marketing campaign to your refrigerator, or at least check it out on your computer…

Get the big picture on influencer marketing (what it is and how to use it) in this article by Gerardo A. Dada.

Entrepreneurship, startups, and innovation

From overwork and investment dry spells, to the high price tags suppliers charge, Thomas Smales says you’ll find that a little creative thinking solves the problem.