This Week in Small Business: Does your marketing look mahvelous?

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Remember Billy Crystal’s old character on SNL, Fernando, and the catchphrase he made famous (You look mahvelous!)? This week’s curated content asks that question about your sales and marketing materials…and offers some advice.

Marketing and sales

If you’ve been concentrating on copywriting for your advertising and marketing materials, you may have overlooked design – you need this information. Along those same lines, you’ll get a lot out of this piece that discusses the power of visuals in content marketing.

Have you started to think about how artificial intelligence will impact your marketing? Anne Costello says it’s about time to consider the subject.

Here are five marketing hacks that small business owners say have changed their lives.

If you’re late to the content marketing game, this Forbes article will get you caught up and positioned to move ahead of your competitors.

Check out this Vistaprint survey: How customers are finding your small business.

It’s no secret that sales and marketing teams don’t always play nice with each other, so your top priority needs to be getting them aligned.

Are you B2B? Do you love social media? You should. Here’s why.

Two excellent views of content marketing: The one thing that could ruin it for you and why it’s more like chess than checkers.

And finally, you want your content to be shareable, right? Then check out these 46 expert tips.

Leadership, management and productivity

In this article I wrote for Capital One Spark, I share some important information on retirement accounts specifically created for small business owners.

Powerful customer relationship management (CRM) software is now affordable for small business owners. Here are five questions to ask when you’re selecting a system.

We love automation, but customer service still requires a human touch. And while we’re on the subject, leaders obsessed by customer service do these five things…do you?

Entrepreneurship, startups and innovation

Women entrepreneurs shared their stories at a recent Bay Area event, highlighting their hard work and what it takes to succeed.

If you’re looking for funding, you may want to consider the three types of grants discussed in this article.

Save the date? If you see owning a franchise in your future, you might want to attend the International Franchise Expo in NYC on June 16-18.

Politics, government and the economy

Legislation matters and John Sims, writing in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, says Dodd-Frank continues to hurt small business.

We get very conflicting opinions on the economy. This piece outlining five things to know offers a helpful perspective.