This Week in Small Business: Economic omens, cheat sheets, and startup advice

Cheat sheets, tips from a Facebook insider, and some gloomy economic thoughts (sorry, I don’t write them, I just report them) are among the interesting and important items you’ll discover as you work your way through this week’s created content.

Leadership, management, and productivity

In this installment of Laura Emily Dunn’s Women in Business Q&A, she talks to Amy Jain and Daniella Yacobovsky, the co-founders of BaubleBar. On a related note, Oliver Staley says that women in business profit when they talk to each other.

Have you tapped into the five incredibly valuable resources (that actually work) described in this piece by Helen Callier?

What you don’t know about a small business can hurt you, says Shawn Porat, so get up to speed.

Do not put off reading Jeffrey Hayzlett’s article, Six Steps To Go from Procrastinating to Productive.

Facebooks SMB director for North America, Katherine Shappley, delivers four success tips from small businesses that are “doing it right.”

Marketing and sales

Looking for growth? Maybe it’s time to go international. John Winter outlines the top five challenges of creating a global marketing campaign.

It’s a common question: Are marketing and advertising the same? Laurel Mintz answers (no) and explains why you need both.

Jonathan Long uses a fashion brand as an example showing us how to leverage marketing trends for viral growth.

Your high school teachers may not have liked them, but cheat sheets are a great tool Ted Dhanik provides one on marketing technology for small biz owners.

Matei Gavril gives us four things that we can’t forget when we’re creating a digital marketing plan for a startup.

Save your money with the nine low-budget marketing strategies described in this Entrepreneur article by Tony Tie.

Jonathan Chan covers the basics of buyer personas for e-commerce. Are you using them?

Entrepreneurship, startups, and innovation

Jules Schroeder interviews mompreneur Kelly Roach to reveal the secrets of turning a side hustle into a seven-figure business.

Smart city governments will take the advice of Geri Stengel and start unlocking the potential of women entrepreneurs.

It took just one question to convince Michael McTeigue to quit his corporate job and start his own company. Check out Trent Innes’ article to find out what that question is.

You can handle a list with just one item on it, right? You’ll appreciate Murray Newlands, This Is the Single Most Important Thing You Can Do as an Entrepreneur.

Politics, government, and the economy

In this article by Pedro Nicolaci da Costa, economist Stephen King explains how the U.S. economy is on the verge of breaking two records – one good and one bad. (BTW, it’s another Stephen King.)

In Sabrina Willmer’s Bloomberg article, she outlines how Larry Fink thinks dark clouds are a warning on the U.S. economy.