This Week in Small Business: Executive Extinction, Instagram and Hacking Your Way to Success

cfo dinosaurs

We look to the future of the C-Suite in this week’s roundup of the top business articles posted on the Internet. But we also have our eyes on the present with plenty of marketing and tax tips you can use in your small business today.

Entrepreneurship, startups and innovation

Will CIOs, CMOs and CFOs go the way of the dinosaurs? These 10 C-Suite positions may be in your future.

Author Laura Vanderkam thinks podcasting is the new networking.

Holding down a day job while launching your next career move may be challenging, but keeping the paycheck and leveraging your work contacts may turn your side-project dream into a full-time success. The answer: Growth hack it!

Leadership, management and productivity

Good managers, like good chess players, are always thinking a few moves ahead. This article lists five solid small business strategies for the fall.

Does your business have a personality? It can really help you connect with your ideal customers and clients.

Conflict is inevitable; it’s just a part of doing business…and living. Here are four conflict resolution tips for the small business owner.

I think your productivity is directly linked to your level of fitness. Here’s a rundown of high-tech standing desks that will help improve both.

Do you love meetings or hate them? Here are eight effective meetings for agile marketing teams.

A Chief Customer Officer needs to be that unique person who can understand data and relate to people on a human level, says expert Shep Hyken.

It’s never our favorite subject, but small business owners need to stay ahead in the tax game. Barbara Weltman gives you four things to do this month regarding your taxes.

Picture perfect credit isn’t always required for a small business loan, according to Nerd Wallet’s Benjamin Pimentel.

Marketing and sales

Top performing B2B reps are endlessly finding ways to improve their performance. Eliminate these seven deadly sins if you want to join that elite group.

A good ranking on Google can make you gold. Here are three quick ways to position yourself above your competition.

Are your content marketing efforts taking advantage of other people’s audiences. Here are three opportunities you may be missing.

Shhh! Don’t let your competitors in on these three crucial secrets of social media marketing.

Beep! Leave your message at the tone! NOT! How to connect with people who are difficult to get a hold of.

John Rampton gives us 12 tips to turn free trial customers into paying customers in this article he wrote for Intuit QuickBooks. Rampton had another good piece where he shares marketing tips from successful CEOs.

Jim Joseph, chief integrated marketing officer and president of the Americas for New York-based communications agency Cohn & Wolfe, discusses what he believes to be the single most important marketing strategy.

You don’t have to be Leonardo Da Vinci to create beautiful posts on Instagram. Just follow these 10 tips to get the job done.

With more than 364 million registered users in roughly 200 countries, LinkedIn is a powerful and active social media network. Here are five ways to use it for content marketing.

Politics, government and the economy

It seems like all levels of government are trying to find ways to squeeze tax revenue out of the Internet. Chicago imposed a “cloud tax” and now it’s looking for a way to give small businesses a break.

The NFIB’s small business optimism index fell unexpectedly in June. It’s probably a sign that Main Street growth isn’t what it should be.

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