This Week in Small Business: Expert roundups, Shark Tank inspiration and more…

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You get to mind meld the brains of a lot of the most successful people in business this week, including one article that features the advice of 110 top bloggers.

Leadership, management and productivity

Ideas usually aren’t the problem; execution is: How to Execute Ideas as a Small Business.

More than a fourth of all websites are built on the WordPress platform. Here’s the guide you need for WordPress website maintenance.

Marketing and sales

When you need a break from social media, these 20 alternatives will help you build up your small business. But if you need to refill your social media marketing gas tank, the three simple steps outlined here will help.

It seems like a new live streaming app appears every week. Discover how you can use live streaming for your small business.

Don’t settle for the advice of merely one person – read what 110 top bloggers say is their most successful social media action.

Jayson DeMers says that content marketing is a game and he has a strategy guide for you.

If you haven’t developed an influencer marketing program yet, this article is a good place to start.

Don’t let anyone tell you that backlinks don’t matter anymore. Here’s the lowdown.

You’ll learn some of the SEO tactics of Robbie Richards, Ramsay Taplin, Bryan Harris, Brian Dean, and Neil Patel in this piece. Not bad company.

Advertising on Facebook can sometimes be an enigma, so these six B2B takeaways from six excellent Facebook ads is a welcomed relief.

Entrepreneurship, startups and innovation

To maintain forward momentum in startups, employees need to keep acquiring new skills and knowledge. Steven Scheck discusses ways to keep startup employees learning.

With inspiration from “Shark Tank,” here are eight tips to help you deliver the perfect pitch for your business.

Politics, government and the economy

Is New York City trying to solve its congestion problem by making it impossible for small businesses to locate and survive there?

With bipartisan support, the Small Business Healthcare Relief Act (H.R. 5477) passed the House and now goes to the Senate. The bill would reinstitute Health Reimbursement Arrangements, which were limited by the Affordable Care Act.