This week in small business: Gangster, supermodel, and startups

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We are chock-full of entrepreneurial wisdom and inspiration this week. Supermodel Kathy Ireland checks in with her story, we go on a journey with a former gang member, and there’s even advice for Millennials who have entrepreneurial dreams but are burdened by student loan debt.

Entrepreneurship, startups, and innovation

Small business owners can learn a lot from startup entrepreneurs. “What exactly?” you might ask. Well, read this Forbes article to answer that question.

Being an entrepreneur is not all high fives and hugs, says John Quick, as he breaks it down into three main points in this piece.

Talk about the college of hard knocks! Gang-member-turned-millionaire, entrepreneur Ryan Blair has some brilliant business advice.

Not every SEO technique is equally useful to everyone: Four things every entrepreneur needs to know about SEO.

Supermodel Kathy Ireland is more likely to be on the cover of Forbes today than on Cosmo. The story of her journey is inspiring.

For startups, capital is ammunition, not oxygen, cautions Jenny Lefcourt in Forbes.

After losing family in the World Trade Center and to cancer, Lori Barzvi channeled her grief into a business plan and now has the number-one rated product on Amazon.

Listen up Millennials: Don’t let student loan debt stop you from pursuing your entrepreneurial dream.

Marketing and sales

Addressing the 18th annual Women in Business Conference, Ann Marie van den Hurk lays out the necessities: business card, website, and the right social media presence. And, to help you pick the right social media platform, check out this Business-2-Community piece by Aleh Barysevich.

Wanna be a rock star? Would you settle for becoming a digital marketing star? If so, here’s the article for you.

Marcela De Vivo goes through all the steps required to create content for your social media sales funnel.

If you’re still trying traditional marketing strategies to grow your brand, you need to give this Hubspot article a quick read.

Leadership, management, and productivity

Want real, in-the-trenches instruction on how to start a successful business from scratch? My sponsored free course at openSAP is now open, but time is limited.

He (or she) who conquers the email in-box wins. Check out these tips and tactics from Dr. Mercola.

More scary than Halloween: Rhonda Abrams’ eight things small business should fear!

Stephanie Newby goes over what you need to remember when you’re suffering through a career setback.