This Week in Small Business: Make your blogging painless and beat your anxiety

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If blogging is an important part of your social media marketing program, this week’s curated content contains a lot of great tips you’ll be able to use immediately. We also have information to help you deal with anxiety, personnel, a website launch and much more.

Marketing and sales

If you’re like Jeff Bullas, and every other blogger, and have nightmares about no one reading your stuff, you need these 21 power tips from Jeff to get your blogs shared. And if it’s Facebook likes that you’re after, this article will steer you in the right direction.

But maybe once you adopt the six habits of successful bloggers outlined in this post, you won’t be stressed out anymore anyway.

Psst: Need some new places to steal ideas for your next social media campaign? If so, read this.

In this short post, Seth Godin discusses the other element of guerilla marketing.

Apparently there is a world of marketing that exists outside of the digital realm and this article delivers five offline techniques to boost your small business.

Leadership, management and productivity

Sometimes we need to push ourselves to achieve success. Evan Teague shares five tips.

But if all that pushing causes anxiety, you need these eight ways leaders can reduce anxiety on the job.

A good hire is gold. A bad hire will sink you as sure as a lead weight sinks a stinkbait. You need to know what characteristics to look for when hiring for your startup or small business.

And if you have a good team, you’ll probably want to do like the small business outlined here and pay as much as twice the minimum wage…or more.

Entrepreneurship, startups and innovation

Small businesses are just starting to do great things with beacon technology. This Entrepreneur article explores some innovative and creative uses.

Getting ready to launch a new website? Here are 10 essential items for your final checklist.

If a new small business is in your future, this overview gives you a good idea of the various directions you can take.

Politics, government and the economy

Is Amazon killing small business? If you think Amazon is threatening your small business, Ian Altman has analysis and advice for you.

Written by a franchise small business owner, this essay explains how the National Labor Relations Board is threatening small businesses.