This week in small business: Older women, younger women, older companies, younger companies, they’re all here!

This week we chronicle over-50 women leading startups and younger women leading a startup that was spun off from company over 50 years old! Who would have thought it? Lots of fun and functional advice among the articles cited here.

Entrepreneurship, startups, and innovation

Moya Sarner introduces us to women in their 50s who are launching startups. You go ladies! And as an interesting contrast, Esha Chhabra tells us about a 50-year-old company that just gave birth to a startup being run by 12 young women!

The stress of possible failure isn’t the only stress that comes with being an entrepreneur, says Willian Vanderbloemen.

When a four-time entrepreneur shares his success secrets, it’s time to listen…or read Rose Leadem’s article in Entrepreneur.

Recruiting creatives and making a good first impression for an unproven startup can be difficult. Writing for Entrepreneur, Justin Gignac offers sound advice.

Leadership, management, and productivity

In this profile by Rachel Moss, outspoken UK entrepreneur Michelle Mone tells women to “make no excuses” and start pushing to the top. Maybe they’ve heard her in Japan, where Noah Smith says female managers may be the key to fixing the country’s deadening corporate culture.

Shubhomita Bose has translated small business cyber security preparedness into an infographic. Check it out and see if your organization is up to snuff.’

As much as we love social media, business misuse of it can get you in trouble. Learn how to stay on the right side of the law in this article by Joanna Belbey.

Here’s a good tip of the day: For more productivity, treat your energy like your bank account. (I’m hoping you’re not overdrawn!)

Chris Dessi gives us his list of “five powerful books to hack your life for success.” Some real classics make his lineup.

Are you losing productivity to “hurry worry”? Check out what Leah Ryder has to say on the topic to find out.

Ashley Crouch says that these “five unexpected apps” will streamline your startup. However, I think they’ll benefit almost any business.

Marketing and sales

Karina Tama-Rutigliano, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Caring People Inc., offers three ways to leverage your clients when developing a marketing plan.

The collected thoughts of 25 experts are featured in Robbie Abed’s article on social media marketing best practices.

David Kaplan shares ways for brands to navigate Millennials’ shifting loyalty to Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Need to dramatically grow your network? Follow in the footsteps of Gilt co-founder Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, as detailed in this piece by Jenna Abdou.

Politics, government, and the economy

Wondering what the economic implications are when a city like Houston essentially shuts down? Daniel Gross offers some answers.