This Week in Small Business: Rob Gronkowski’s Winning Marketing Plays, and more

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Rob Gronkowski has scored his share of touchdowns for the Patriots. He is also a winner on the modern marketing playing field. Tearing a page out of his marketing playbook is the subject of just one of the excellent articles in this week’s small business curated content.

Leadership, management and productivity

Google analytics is key to managing your small business website, and you must have it installed. But once you do, do you know how to understand and deal with your bounce rate?

A major part of small business success today correlates to becoming a thought leader. This podcast will put you on the path to becoming a thought leader.

Marketing and sales

Are you good at marketing? Are you Rob-Gronkowski-good at marketing? Find out.

Despite everything, Facebook is still critical for small business success. You need to understand how to leverage targeted advertising. But if you don’t want to pay for ads, you really need to know how to maximize your organic reach.

And since we’re discussing organic reach, here are eight SEO techniques to boost your website traffic.

Your blog is useless for content marketing if your titles don’t grab readers. Here are some good attention-grabbing strategies.

If you think you’re having trouble ramping up your mobile marketing, you’ll feel better after you read about the headaches some legacy retailers are suffering.

Discover how you and your employees can sell more by using mobile technology on the way to meetings and during meetings.

If you’re planning a social media marketing campaign, here are six principles to carefully consider.

See how 25 social media pros went viral and then swipe their ideas to go viral with your content.

Entrepreneurship, startups and innovation

This article details four resources available for veterans who want to start a small business. If that’s not you, forward the info to an interested vet!

Opening up the crowdfunding platforms for non-accredited investors may change the face of small business funding. Here are the details you need to know.

We’ve seen the sharing economy come to lodging and transportation. Is the legal profession ready for it?

Politics, government and the economy

Good news or bad? U.S. small business optimism unchanged in October.

Believe it or not the economy in Washington D.C. – despite all the money that funnels through there – isn’t in all that great of shape, and it could be cause to worry…

Maybe the best way to take advantage of the current economy is to be in the business of selling luxury goods.