This Week in Small Business: ROI, SEO, PPC and Other Critical Acronyms Revealed!

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In this week’s collection of the web’s best small business content, Empact co-founder Michael Simmons tells us how to add more hours to our day (Can I use them to catch up on my sleep?). In the world of marketing we have some great nuts-and-bolts articles on ROI, metrics, SEO and several other critical subjects.

Leadership, management and productivity

Grab some strategies on how a small business on a budget can offer attractive employee benefits.

Keeping your wi-fi up and running smoothly is critical today. These five killer tips will keep you cruising in the fast lane and out of the pit area.

Have you ever complained that there aren’t enough hours in the day? Yeah, me too. Here are five simple ways to add hours to your productive time.

Marketing and sales

Like they say “garbage in, garbage out.” Applied to marketing that means you need to calculate your ROI properly. Daniel Kehrer gives us the lowdown.

It’s smart to occasionally rethink your marketing strategies. The three lessons in this article will give you some good ideas about how to rethink your content marketing.

The questions everyone has on search and SEO are answered in this Constant Contact blog, which is a follow-up to a webinar they did.

Paul Castain (“I never stop selling!”) explains how to take control of your prospect meetings. Good advice.

If you haven’t promoted your small business with a blog yet, this piece by Catriona Pollard will lay the foundation for you.

These eight tips for improving your value proposition will boost your marketing and increase your small business clarity.

We’re being inundated with data so it’s more important than ever to focus on the relevant data. Andrew Davies looks at the metrics that matter in content marketing.

You’re putting your money on the line if you’re investing in PPC advertising. Be sure you’re doing it wisely and follow the blogs suggested in this annotated and curated list of 10.

Entrepreneurship, startups and innovation

This gallery combines pictures of award-winning entrepreneurs with some of their best advice. (The advice looks better than some of the executives!)

Looking for investors? Steer clear of these six startup strategies that cause investors to run for the woods.

Politics, government and the economy

Los Angeles recently passed a law to raise the minimum wage there to $15 an hour over the next few years. It looks like the opinion of small business owners on this issue is evenly split.