This Week in Small Business: The graves of failed startups, Facebook’s new local marketing and rockin’ but humble women entrepreneurs

Startup Graveyard

Leadership, management and productivity

Whistle through the graveyard of epic startup fails at Learn from the mistakes of others…before it’s too late!

General Stanley McChrystal knows what’s required of leadership if you want people to go to war with you. He gives good advice in this short video.

Bosses like to play it safe – leaders practice taking risks. Discover seven ways to go from boss to leader.

There wouldn’t be a company if you didn’t start it, but are you the best person to lead it into its next stage of growth?

Brains can be bought, but hearts and minds have to be won. Leadership lessons from Caroline Lim.

Ron Karr poses some questions for us to answer so we can change our attitudes and find ways to succeed even with limited resources.

Marketing and sales

Email marketing still rules. Here are 10 simple tips that will make yours more effective in your small business.

Not everyone has the talent or knowledge to be a social media manager. This article runs down five must-have skills.

Are you planning to stage an event? Check out these five ways to use Twitter to get the publicity and signups you need. And speaking of Twitter, everything you wanted to know about growing your Twitter following but were afraid to ask will probably be in this extensive curated guide.

Recycle. Reuse: How to Optimize Your Older Blog Content for Long Tail Conversion.

Find out where small business is headed in the world of social media marketing in this article with graphs and everything.

With its “Place Tips,” Facebook is making a huge play in mobile local marketing. Can it benefit your small business?

Believe it or not, there is power in hashtags. They propelled one Twitter chat to reaching 49,993,695 people in one year.

They’re calling the under 35 group “Generation C” for “creation, curation, connection, and community.” Learn how to reach them with your YouTube content.

How important is mobile marketing? It now accounts for 45 percent of all email clicks and 22 percent of all email-generated revenue. And this MarketingLand article puts the global mobile movement into some telling statistics.

Entrepreneurship, startups and innovation

Emily Weiss is one of the women who was unhappy with the beauty industry. When she started her skincare and beauty products line, Glossier, she did it differently.

Is the ideal person to help you with your startup not someone you particularly like? If so, you need to check out these four tips.

Knowledge is power. Here are five reasons many small businesses fail in their first year. And continuing with the numbered list motif, here are seven myths entrepreneurs should walk away from.

Okay ladies, are you ready to turn your side hustle into your official small business? Here’s a checklist to consider.

Creative ideas are the coin of the realm today. Josh Linker shares his perspectives on how to nurture and grow them.

Female entrepreneurs are too modest, according to a new study by Cambridge University, despite beating their male counterparts on most entrepreneurial traits!

Politics, government and the economy

Small business owners are reporting sales up over the last three months. Let’s keep the forward momentum. The good news was echoed by job opening numbers – they hit a record high.

Travis Childers, who served as a Democratic representative for Mississippi’s First District from 2008 to 2011, says the current regulatory climate is threatening small business.

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