This Week in Small Business: The psychology of viral Tweets, marketing to empty nesters, when to fire…

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The experts were busy churning out some great marketing advice last week. If you want to do a better job Tweeting or using direct mail to reach empty nesters, we have something for you.

Marketing and sales

Why do Tweets go viral? To answer that, you need to understand the psychology behind the Tweets.

New Balance shoes are iconic. It turns out the company’s content marketing is equally as brilliant.

We talk a lot about the importance of video marketing. If you need a basic small business guide to get you started, you’ll find it here.

In this sponsored post I wrote for MasterCard Biz, I outline seven retail sales strategies and I bet there are more than one that you’re not using.

For many small businesses, Instagram can be the killer social media marketing platform. Here’s how to use it to grow your business.

Peter Daisyme, cofounder of Hostt, gives his five steps for creating a killer marketing strategy.

Did you know that Cisco is hiring more than 200 content marketers? Find out why.

75 percent of smartphone users abandon sites that aren’t mobile optimized. That’s just one piece of information in this article that will help you improve your online sales.

TopRank Marketing CEO Lee Odden delivers his thoughts on influencer marketing and hybrid content marketing strategies.

Have you considered traditional direct mail marketing to reach all those empty nesters out there with money to spend?

Leadership, management, and productivity

If you do a lot of traveling for your small business, you’ll appreciate the findings in this Holiday Inn Small Business Traveler study.

Sadly, there comes a time when you need to let an employee go. But how do you know when that time has come?

If you need help (and maybe a little kick in the pants) to connect with a mentor, this sponsored article will help you leverage technology to make it easier for you.

Apple Pay is not standing still in the mobile payments market. Learn what the company is doing now.

Politics, government, and the economy

Mastercard Biz asked me to sum up the testimony I presented to the House Small Business committee. See if your thoughts and mine line up!

Some say that half of the working U.S. population will be employed in the “gig economy” within five years. That’s just one of the surprising statistics in this article.

Entrepreneurship, startups, and innovation

Be sure you validate your startup idea – it can make or break you!