This Week in Small Business: The Rise of Messenger Apps

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The evolution and increased importance of messaging apps for marketing gets a lot of attention in this week’s roundup of top articles. You need to see how your small business will fit into this new marketing world.

Entrepreneurship, startups and innovation

Facebooks’ Messenger app is already the second most popular app in the world, but Zuckerger has an even bigger vision for it and it could become the “app for everything.

If you’re looking for excitement, you might consider jumping into an industry that’s ripe for disruption. Three are described in this Forbes article.

Marketing and sales

It looks like the future of social media will be in messaging apps. Will your brand fit in?

Step one in social media marketing is discovering which platforms are best for your small business. And once you’ve done that, you need to get a grip on the trends that are here to stay.

Jeff Barrett, SEO of Status Creative, outlines four things small businesses should do to succeed with inbound marketing.

Need to do something to increase online sales? The three ideas presented here should get you moving.

You may – or may not – need to hire an SEO firm. At least try these 16 DIY SEO tips first.

Digitalux CEO Daniel Scalco lists five B2B marketing strategies you need to consider.

Today you have to weave a good narrative to engage and lead prospects. These five tips for effective small business storytelling will help.

Leadership, management and productivity

Unfortunately it’s not just the major brands and big government websites that are in the sights of the hackers. Small businesses are increasingly under attack by ransomware.

To do things right you have to know the mistakes to avoid. Here are five common small business mistakes.

We recently noted “World Backup Day.” If you don’t have solid backup strategies for your virtual world, you need to read this article. Really.

Small business owners should be on top of the seven important trends listed in this article. They include fintech, the rise of the Millennials, and more.

Politics, government and the economy

As the primary season drags on, it looks like small business owners are losing confidence in virtually all of the candidates.

Two streams of history crossed paths recently: U.S. Relations with Cuba and the gig economy. William Fenton has an interesting take on the situation in his cautionary tale.

(No)surprise! Small business and big labor are on opposite sides of the fence when it comes to government regulations.