This week in small business: Tips to finish 2017, start 2018 strong

If you have a moment or two when you can get your head above water over the holiday season, you need to check out some of this week’s recommended reading. You’ll get some tips and perspectives that could payoff big in 2018.

Leadership, management, and productivity

If you’re planning an e-commerce move in 2018, you need to look over what Jia Wertz has to say about choosing the right platform. And while we’re on the topic, you’ll also want to see Thomas Smale’s six crucial elements required to optimize your e-commerce site.

Scott Brown makes some great points as he explains why customer success is your most important weapon in the battle for customer retention.

See if you can relate to Mo Bitar’s explanation of why you’re resistant to being productive.

Timothy Sykes delivers five ways you can change your bad business habits. They sound like great New Year’s resolutions to me.

Marketing and sales

Join Tabitha Jean Naylor as she goes on a journey with a small biz owner who’s probably a lot like you, discovering often missed opportunities in social media marketing.

Here’s why connecting with local influencers is crucial for small businesses, as explained by Claudio Sorrentino.

Shhh! Alex Fusman gives us the secret to leading an effective marketing team. (I hope your competitors don’t see his Forbes article!)

Need some last-minute holiday marketing tips? Here are a bunch from some of our top CEOs.

Peter Mollins gives you a dozen ways to “get your internal experts to create winning sales enablement.”

Mark Toney of Luce Media has put together an infographic and article showing how social media supports SEO for all around increased success.

Are you using geofencing yet? You will after reading Jia Wertz’ piece on how it optimizes the online experience.

Entrepreneurship, startups, and innovation

Attention entrepreneurs: Melanie Deziel has a rundown on year-end habits you should adopt.

Stop talking and just do it! (Where have I heard that advice before…?) That’s what Kristen Tomlan did and now she’s really making it happen at her New York store. Jen Hacker tells Kristen’s story.

Politics, government, and the economy

Barry Ritholtz makes some very good points arguing that the methodologies behind holiday sales forecasts are unreliable.