This Week in Small Business: Tune up your customer experience and get your website humming!

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I don’t doubt that 2016 will be yet another year when customer service standards are ratcheted up even higher. This week’s compilation of the best small business articles from around the Internet includes some top tips to help you improve the customer experience at your small business.

Leadership, management and productivity

If you don’t know the “unwritten rules of customer service,” you can find them written down in this article. And with those under your belt, learn the essential attitudes required to be a customer experience leader.

When you get really serious about providing a great customer experience, take these pages from the playbook of some top brands.

Here are two essential ingredients in the recipe for small business success. Leave them out and you’re “smallbiz success soufflé” will fall flat!

Company culture comes from the top down; here are four ways leaders can shape a positive company culture.

Is it time to redo your website? Is it unproductive or woefully outdated? Get the tools you need to make that decision.

Success is all about teamwork. Here’s how to build an ACE team for your small business.

Do you have all 10 of these mobile tools (hardware and software) – or ones like them – to help you manage and promote your small business?

Attracting top talent can be troublesome. Properly managing your brand can help.

Marketing and sales

Backlinks are still a major component of SEO. You need all the good ones you can get. These 50 ways to get backlinks should help.

Social media marketing success requires that you deliver what your audience wants. Discover what that really is.

If you can create a habit for your product or service, you’re well on the road to success.

In this article you’ll learn why email marketing is so important, how to set up an opt-in email list, and how to get your emails delivered, opened, and read.

Here are five statistics that prove you should be marketing on Twitter.

If you want your marketing to get noticed, it has to be unique…like a unicorn. Here are five attributes of truly unique marketing.

Entrepreneurship, startups and innovation

A new law changing ?crowd funding rules passed three years ago, but it’s just now taking effect. Will it revolutionize investing or how you fund your startup?

Politics, government and the economy

Participation in the “Collaborative Economy” has grown by 25 percent in the past year alone – and it’s not going to stop growing. Check out this infographic and article to understand these fundamental changes.

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