This week in small business: Up your e-commerce game

While there is a lot of good general information in this week’s batch of curated content, I think anyone involved in e-commerce is going to be especially pleased with many of the offerings.

Leadership, management, and productivity

The best sure-fire way to boost the bottom line is to reduce costs. If you’re into e-commerce, Munira Rangwala’s instant money saving tips will be welcome indeed.

Laura Emily Dunn interviews Lisa J. Donahue, Managing Director, AlixPartners, for her Women in Business Q&A series.

It was a pile of bad news that ultimately sparked Karen Lynch’s success. Suzanne Bearne tells the story in BBC News.

Think you should move your business? Zuckerberg says he wished he would have stayed in Boston. Patrick Riley explores the issue in “Loyalty vs. Location: Why Startup Founders Should Stay Put.”

Marketing and sales

Anyone involved in e-commerce needs to hear what Armando Roggio has to say about the nine critical content marketing tasks for e-commerce. And how about strategies to keep your e-commerce customers coming back? Lindsay Kent gives us five ways to build e-commerce brand loyalty.

The simpler the better and that makes George Stenitzer’s one-page content marketing strategy very appealing.

Alfred Lua reveals the 60 marketing tools the guys at Buffer use.

I like that Tamanna Mishra focused on B2B companies in her article on 2017 social media trends.

Neil Patel is one of the top experts on digital marketing, so you need to read what he has to say about homepage SEO.

Writing for Forbes, Brock Blake outlines five ways small business owners can leverage social media for growth.

April the Giraffe must have world-class marketing and PR people behind her. Find out how April became an Internet sensation in this article by Tor Constantino.

Entrepreneurship, startups, and innovation

Discover what you missed this time around and be ready for the end of the next quarter! Read Chris Myers’ Forbes piece, “Three Things That Should Be On Every Entrepreneur’s End-Of-Quarter To-Do List.”

Take your elevator pitch to the next level. Check out Peter Economy’s article on how one entrepreneur got Mark Cuban’s attention in a matter of minutes.

I give Leah Wald an “A” for writing on a topic that I’ve never seen addressed before: “Determining The Right Amount Of Transparency For Your Startup.

The countdown is happening – 10, 9, 8… – so you want to make sure everything is in order. You need Peter Schroeder’s 55 pre-launch tips for your startup.