This week in small business: Win despite ad blockers!

Ad blockers, influencer marketing, and other issues critical to today’s business environment get good coverage in this week’s collection of curated content from around the Internet.

Leadership, management, and productivity

If you can use more weapons in your war against distractions this article by Morey Stettner offer six tips.

We often hear that half of new businesses fail within five years. This infographic by Shubhomita Bose tells why.

Serial entrepreneur Jennifer Spencer makes a great case for “slow and steady wins the race.

Tanya Lynch offers her list of the top 10 books for women in business.

If you have friend whose e-commerce customer service sucks, direct him to this article by Judith Kallos. (I’m confident yours is great. Right?)

Michael Kay offer seven sound and basic steps required for financial success.

Marketing and sales

Rhonda Bavaria sees email marketing as the power tool that may not be in your marketing tool kit. Find out if she’s right.

Gabrielle Pickard-Whitehead details 50 marketing tools you can use for free!

Influencer marketing is all the rage but Andrew Stephan says there could be an unintended consequence that hurts your brand.

Are you using and personalizing the six marketing channels described in this piece by Katie Sweet? Or how about your cross-device marketing strategy? See what Stacey Rudolph has to say in this infographic.

Susan Gilbert says you can win over your brand audience despite the rise of ad blockers. Let’s hope she’s right.

Entrepreneurship, startups, and innovation

Don’t let bureaucracy derail your startup. Stefan Bruun offers advice.

Sarah Miller dropped out of college twice. She’s now 23 and has made $4 million…so far. Sophie Haslett tells the story.

There are entrepreneurs who are making tech-fashion marketing cool, according to this Entrepreneur article by Cheryl Conner.

Teyonna Ridgeway offers “10 Entrepreneurship Gems To Learn From Stephanie of Coveteur.”

Hey ladies! Think you’re too old to make that dream a reality? Check out this list of overachievers by Whitney Johnson and you’ll think again.

My Say examines the ability of technology to “re-humanize” sales in startups and small business.

Omer Goldberg confesses that he “burned his startup to the ground.” Here are the lessons he learned.

Politics, government, and the economy

Noah Smith takes a good swing at explaining why Americans feel upbeat about an economy that isn’t really all that hot.

For an interesting look at the world economy, read what changes young people see in a wide variety of countries.