Train your team in these important marketing skills


Do you wonder what kind of training you need for yourself, or what kind of training you should provide for your team?

The folks at Venngage shared an important infographic with me recently and for many small business owners, it can shed a little light on what kind of skills you and your team should be acquiring.

Over the last few years, small business owners have consistently complained about their difficulty in hiring good talent. I believe one of the areas where this is most critical is in certain marketing areas. The Vennage infographic I’m referring to breaks this down.

Infographics: Marketing Skills 2016

You can see from the set of graphs above, that the tightest job markets are for marketers with data analysis or coding skills and for those with creative skills. If you’re trying to find those highly skilled individuals out in the open market, you may be out of luck.

However, there isn’t any reason you or some smart members of your team can’t pick up some of those skills. Your local junior college may offer some classes that would provide a good foundation.

It doesn’t take a lot of time to pick up the basics of HTML and CSS, for example, and those skills would help you keep your web presence first rate. If you have anyone with a good head for math, statistical analysis will prove to be invaluable for small business owners looking for an edge in the marketplace.

Having a command of Google analytics is also critical for businesses today. You can find all kinds of tutorials online that go into Google analytics. Spend a little time finding the resources you feel would work best for you or your team. Bone up on it yourself and consider giving interested individuals on your team release time to learn in depth about Google analytics.

On the creative side, demand is being driven by content marketing. The necessary skills here are writing, graphic design, and video. Merely having someone on staff who can write an occasional blog and creatively update your social media pages will give you a big boost.

Continuing education and training are important in every area of your business, but this is even heightened in marketing because that field is evolving so quickly.

If you fall behind too far, you might not be able to catch up in time to save your business.