Try this ‘secret’ strategy to build your email list

Over the years, we’ve gone into great depth on email list building. Of course, the use of popups and similar strategies continue to be the fundamental ways to build your list.

There are other places you can encourage email list signups that are often overlooked by your competitors. They probably won’t tally as many signups as the more conventional strategies, but they have other advantages.

I want you to consider encouraging email list signups on virtually all of your email correspondence. You should be using your branding graphics on your correspondence, but why not add something that directs people to an email signup landing page? Let me give you a few examples.

  • If you do ecommerce and allow for guests to make purchases without registering, include something like this at the bottom of your confirmation email: Do you want to get advance notice on sales or Internet-only coupons? Sign up here!
  • When your sales department receives inquiries, the questions probably give you great clues to the kinds of products and services they are interested in. Something like this would be good: Are you interested in underwater widgets? Get instantly notified when a new one is released or we have special limited-time offers available.
  • Even general correspondence to your business can be an opportunity to establish or strengthen a relationship. How about something like this: Keep up with all the Widget-Co corporate news!

Each “hook” like these can be linked to special landing pages designed to match the specific interest of the person. Further – and this is the important part – people who sign up on these landing pages should be immediately segmented or tagged for the area of interest they have ascribed to.

Don’t spam these people with general interest emails. Take the time to create correspondence that specifically relates to the interests they have.