What’s the best online title generator? We put them to the test…


When I started to research online title generators, it dawned on me that they are a bit like your coccyx – pretty much everyone has one, but no one pays much attention to them.

(Did I send you to your online dictionary for that coccyx reference? In case you don’t remember your high school biology, it’s your tailbone.)

Yes, I know I’m exaggerating a bit when I say that everyone has a title generator, but frankly, there are a lot of them spread out over cyberspace. I don’t think they get too much use, but this article hopes to change that.

If you’re having trouble getting traffic to your blog articles, use some of these title generating pages for inspiration. However, the best way to do this is to consult the title generator before you write your article. It may suggest an interesting spin to put on the topic you are planning to write about.

To have a little fun, I pitted these eight title generators in a title-generator cage match to the death in order to see which one came up with the most engaging article title. Here’s how I did it:

  1. I searched Google trends for the highest ranking product I thought someone would be trying to create content for and therefore attract prospects for said product. (I selected GoPro Karma.)
  2. I entered that product into each title generator.
  3. I selected the first title that I thought had any chance at working.

Sometimes I had to fudge a little because not every title generator has the same set of options. Also, some of the headlines would need a little tweaking to make them work grammatically.

Here are the results:



Sumome What You Should Know About GoPro Karma
The Best Title Generator Learn To (Do) GoPro Karma Like A Professional
Portent How GoPro Karma is part of a vast right wing conspiracy
Tweakyourbiz Apply These 7 Secret Techniques To Improve Gopro Karma
Hubspot Why We Love GoPro Karma (And You Should, Too!)


Internetmarketingcourse Tests Now Show Our GoPro Karma Can Help You
Dawnmarrs  ditto
Thoughtrod  ditto

The three at the bottom, that I’ve labeled as “Clones” seem to be the same algorithm. I don’t know which site is the originator, but the same input is required in each case and the results I got were about the same.

This “down and dirty” cage fight is a little unfair to Sumome, because it offers several flavors of blog titles: numbered lists, how to, explanatory/why, strong/controversial, fun/playful, and DIY headlines. Also, Hubspot (and some others) wanted a couple more words, but providing those would have been outside of my arbitrary rules.

Sorry, Hubspot (and some others).

For ease of use and quantity of titles generated, I really like The Best Title Generator and the title generator at Tweakyourbiz. I think the single best title (although it would take one minor word change) was generated by The Best Title Generator. I would reword it like this: Learn To Use GoPro Karma Like A Professional.

The Tweakyourbiz title would be great with just a little rewording. Something like this would work very well: Apply These 7 Secret Techniques To Improve Your GoPro Karma Videos.

The least useful one seems to be the title/idea generator at Portent. It only gives you one title, but I don’t think its author really intended it to work the same way most of the others did.

If you don’t mind having to come up with ideas related to your main idea, check out one of the three clones and Hubspot. If you work with them for a while, you’ll probably stop being annoyed by their need for more information.