You Need To Consider Slideshare For Your Small Business Content Marketing



I often discuss ways of making your small business stand apart from the crowd by creating a noticeable difference. It’s not a principle that applies only to the products you send out the door or the service you provide, it’s also relevant to the way you conduct your business.

It’s no secret that the competition for eyeballs in the world of content marketing is very high. Posting something that will get in front of your target audience is difficult and one of the best ways to achieve this is to post differently.

Slideshare is a platform that many overlook in their content marketing campaigns and that works to your advantage. Even though the platform doesn’t boast user numbers like Facebook, it still pulls in some 60 million unique users every month. If you create an informative and attractive Slideshare presentation, you can get noticed simply because there’s far less competition.

Great B2B Content Marketing

I should also point out that it’s a fantastic platform for business-to-business content marketing, which is great because many of the other social media platforms seem to be better suited for business-to-consumer marketing. There are two reasons why Slideshare is a great choice for B2B content marketing:

  • As basically an Internet-based “PowerPoint,” Slideshare is ideally suited for business presentations, and
  • As a LinkedIn company, there is a complementary relationship between users of both platforms.

By the way, not every Slideshare presentation needs to be a straight “Powerpoint” clone, it also supports videos and infographics. If you are already creating videos for YouTube, Slideshare gives you another place for posting. The same applies to infographics that you might be posting to Twitter, Facebook and your own website.

I’m a big fan of two important small business productivity boosters:

  • Squeezing the most value out of everything, and
  • Doing things the easy way.

Let’s look at how these two principles can be applied to Slideshare.

Repurposing existing slide presentations or other materials. If you are in the B2B world there’s a good chance you have already made some presentations. They might be instructional or sales oriented. You may have created these for a trade show or a conference at which you spoke.

With a little bit of editing they can easily be adapted and uploaded to Slideshare. And once you have done, this you can embed them in your website and throughout the social media platforms where you have a presence. Suddenly you have bolstered your content over several channels and your only expense was a few minutes of time.

Also, review any infographics or videos you have created and post them to slideshare if you feel they would make worthwhile content for your target audience.

Once you have content posted on Slideshare, promote it as you would other content you have created. If it is high quality, there’s a good chance others will share. Slideshare users can “follow” other Slideshare users, so you can begin building your audience. And because you are competing with fewer small businesses, winning followers isn’t as difficult as it can be on other social media platforms.

Finally, despite the fact that Slideshare doesn’t have the mega-huge audience some other social media platforms have, remember that in B2B, size doesn’t matter. If you connect with a small number of the right people, you stand to gain mightily.

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