A Proven Track Record of Results

*   Successfully argued that an injunction could be issued in an admiralty action and obtained a declaratory judgment enjoining foreign insurers from maintaining a European lawsuit against our ocean carrier client in a landmark federal case.

*  Negotiated a complex multi-million dollar service contract between a client and an international energy company, which had obtained a twenty year waste disposal agreement with a major U.S. city.

*  Obtained the dismissal of a serious personal injury lawsuit brought against a cruise line based upon a one year suit time limitation in the passenger ticket.  Convinced the court to dismiss the case  despite the fact that the plaintiff never saw the ticket and was working aboard the cruise ship as a home health aide to another passenger.

*  Recovered millions of dollars on behalf of personal injury plaintiffs in cases as diverse as automobile accidents, premises liability, maritime incidents, and medical malpractice.

*  Defeated a class certification motion in a federal lawsuit brought against a client  by successfully arguing  that a prior federal class action lawsuit did not extend the statute of limitations and  that the applicable limitations period should be governed by equitable principle of laches and not by New York state law.

*  Successfully argued in the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit that there was federal jurisdiction over a syndicate at Lloyd’s of London and that the case was governed by U.S. law and not English law.  The case settled shortly thereafter.

*  Obtained partial summary judgment limiting a client’s liability to $500 in a cargo damage case where the plaintiffs claimed that damages exceeded $4 million.

*  Obtained a temporary restraining order in New York Supreme Court which prohibited a Florida company from wresting control of our client’s Internet Protocol blocks, thus preserving internet access for tens of thousands or our client’s web customers.