11 ideas for engaging emails #infographic

This infographic has two purpose: one is plain to see, the other is a bit less obvious.

First, the easy to spot purpose: Communicate to you a variety of ideas you can use in your email marketing. Switching things up a bit with unexpected content will keep your readers better engaged.

Check out this 11-item list and see if there are a few you might take advantage of in your business.

Now the less obvious reason for this infographic: It illustrates how you can take existing blog content and transform it into another format – in this case an infographic.

We have the good designers at Venngage to thank for this example. They came to us and said, “Hey, we think your article on 11 email marketing ideas would make a good infographic. Can we give it a go?”

We gave them the green light and what you see here is the fruit of their artistic labors.

A job well done.