Explore these new free business courses that start soon

Several new, free, online courses were recently announced. I’ve gone through them to find the ones that would benefit business owners and leaders the most. Many of these start soon, so don’t delay in checking them out.

Of particular interest to me were the courses on intrepreneurship, computer science for professionals, innovation, and writing for social media. I think virtually every business owner would find at least one of these to be extremely helpful for supporting growth in 2018.

Also, as you look at the list, don’t forget the others on your team. One of the best ways to build loyalty and strength within your company is to actively support and encourage your employees to grow within their roles and become prepared to take on greater responsibilities.

Finally, who wouldn’t be happy to take a free class from Harvard or UC Berkeley?

PS – If the timing of these doesn’t work out for you, look over this list of free self-paced business courses.

School Course Title Provider, length Start date
University of Virginia Innovating with the Business Model Canvas via Coursera: 1-2 hours a week , 2 weeks long 29th Jan, 2018
Politecnico di Milano ORG101 – Organization via Polimi OPEN KNOWLEDGE: 4-5 hours a week 1st Feb, 2018
University of Virginia Managerial Accounting Fundamentals via Coursera: 2-4 hours a week , 4 weeks long 12th Feb, 2018
Harvard University CS50’s Computer Science for Business Professionals via edX: 2-6 hours a week , 6 weeks long Self paced
Australian National University Evidence-Based Management Capstone via edX: 4-12 hours a week , 2 weeks long 22nd Feb, 2018
mooc.house Intrapreneurship – Make your Business great again via Independent: 5 hours a week , 6 weeks long 26th Feb, 2018
Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship Business Models for Social Impact via +Acumen: 2 hours a week , 5 weeks long 8th May, 2018
University of California, Berkeley Writing for Social Media via edX: 3-5 hours a week , 4 weeks long 21st May, 2018
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Financial Reporting Capstone: Comprehensive Financial Statement Analysis  via Coursera: 6-8 hours a week 1st Jun, 2018
University of Queensland Innovation: From Plan to Product via edX: 8-10 hours a week , 10 weeks long 2nd Oct, 2018