Here’s a Small Biz Contest I Personally Invite You to Enter!

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Not long ago I wrote about various business contests and gave you a long list of small business and startup competitions you might want to check out.

But I also told you to keep your eyes open for additional contests and today I want to tell you about a brand new entry that you should enter – and it’s one that’s very personal to me: SAP’s Big Dreams Sweepstakes!

Why would this contest be personal to me? you might ask. Because I’ll be working one-on-one with the winner to help solve problems and make big dreams a reality. This is a service that usually comes with a $5,000 price tag, so whoever wins is getting a great deal and that could easily be you!

I offer a lot of great advice for small business owners here, but when I work one-on-one, I can give you much more specific advice and tips that I’m sure you’ll find extremely productive.

And I can’t tell you how much I would enjoy working with one of my regular readers, so I’m doing everything I can to encourage you to enter. The entry deadline is October 23, and that’s just around the corner. You can easily navigate to the entry page here as well as catch up on all the fine print.

I also need to put in a good word for SAP. They’ve made this possible and I think it truly demonstrates their commitment to small business. You’ve probably noticed how all of our politicians from both parties are declaring their dedication to small business and recognizing it as the lifeblood of your communities. But to me, it’s companies like SAP, who link their success to their ability to actually help small businesses in concrete ways that really impress me.

When you head over to their website to enter the contest, take a moment to check out their SAP Business One software and see if it would help you better manage your business. SAP and I share an important foundational small business principle: success depends on working smarter, not on merely putting in more hours.

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