One Percent Edge #Podcast: Jenny Evans

Taking Care of Your High Performing Team with Jenny Evans

High performing teams are essential for your company to be competitive and innovative. But does your team look like it’s on life-support? What could be going on? Today’s guest is Jenny Evans, CEO of Powerhouse Performance, and she is obsessed with human performance. Business leaders need a high-performing team in order to grow, but stress kills that performance. What can leaders do to get us out of this stress rut? What can we do to physiologically train our brains to leave stress at the door and move towards success?

Jenny describes her intense research on brain chemistry, and how we can create true solutions to biological problems. These are large, deep-rooted problems that can feel insurmountable, but don’t worry! What’s great about Jenny is that she has easy, practical ways to change our habits, our environments, and change the stress cycle. A less stressed team means a confident, competent team, and a thriving business. Are you ready to tackle stress?

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Podcast highlights:

  • Jenny’s thoughts on managing stress by building resiliency.
  • Translating resiliency to business.
  • Your brain on stress: what’s really happening.
  • The difficulty to adjust to change from an evolutionary perspective.
  • Making small tweaks in our environment to make the easy choices the best choices.
  • Building confidence through coaching.
  • Conscientiously consuming information that helps us battle stress.
  • Moving your body as a safe way to get through discomfort.

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